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Monday, October 13, 2014

@Bengals Employees Raid Free Scarfs Before Fans Ever See Them

Any long-time season ticket holder for The Cincinnati Bengals knows that Mike Brown is a very "frugal" owner. In short, we don't get freebies often. So when word goes out that there will something actually handed out to paying fans, free of charge, it causes a bit of a stir. Sitting in Club East, there's usually not a problem obtaining the, once in a while door prize, due to the fact that not many people enter the stadium through this particular gate. However upon arrival, we were greeted with a snazzy pink ribbon, but nothing else... The nice young lady at the door said that they were all gone... Which didn't make sense. So we perceeded up the esculator to the club section and on to our seats. Funny thing was, no one else in our section had one either, people whom had shown up to the stadium at least an hour before we got there. In fact not many fans at all seemed to have these elusive scarfs.

So where did they go? Well upon further investigation, I was informed that employees of Paul Brown Stadium got to the boxes first, leaving little to none for the fans that actually paid (and if you have season tickets + parking pass you know this is not cheap) to go to the game. Perhaps this wouldn't be such a sore point if the game hadn't ended in that manner of which it did. I digress, One cannot work at McDonald's and plunder the Happy Meal toys before patrons get them... I mean there are like, rules against that right? At any rate that does it for my rant about people stealing free stuff. Sad.


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