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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lord Jamar: "Donnell Rawlings Is a B**ch A*s Ni**a"

http://www.vladtv.com - Lord Jamar was very blunt when expressing his opinions about Donnell Rawlings in this interview with VladTV. Donnell previously spoke with VladTV about Lord Jamar's statements regarding various controversial topics such as homosexuality, and he believes that Jamar is "boxing himself in" by making bold statements about sensitive things such as that. The pair also went back and forth on Twitter barking at one another over their VladTV interviews, so when Jamar sat down to speak with us this time about Donnell, you already know he didn't censor his words in the slightest bit.

Jamar went in on Donnell, throwing out all sorts of profanity as he expressed how he believes him to be a "sell-out," a "b*tch a*s ni**a," among many other things. He also addressed Donnell trying to grease him by posting a picture of Lord Jamar during his appearance on the show "Oz" in which he had to be filmed naked.

How do you think Donnell will respond to this interview with Lord Jamar?

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