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Sunday, October 6, 2013

@KingOfTheDot - Rap Battle - @HOLLOHANakaGOD vs @CHARLIECLIPS

Certainly one of the most infamous battlers in this day and age, Hollohan seems to have no problem embracing his role as the anti-hero. Despite not battling as frequently as his fans may desire, the Nova Scotian balances this by bringing an insane performance to each of his battles, and this outing was no exception. Originally scheduled for a previous event, Hollohan was unable to make it to Toronto, instead opting to reschedule for World Domination 4. Widely known for his ability to cram an incredible amount of punchlines into each of his rounds, the self proclaimed Genius on Drugs hits his opponents with punch after debilitating punch. Back in Toronto for yet another World Domination appearance, Hollohan finally steps into the ring against one of his toughest opponents to date, Charlie Clips.

Beginning to step outside of his comfort zone on the URL stage, Charlie Clips has begun to see his popularity grow in other leagues, with a recent appearance on Don't Flop and now King of the Dot. Coming out of Harlem, Clips put himself on the map with a legendary performance against Tay Roc, before coming out of the gates swinging years later, stacking up battles against Arsonal, Big T, Serius Jones and Aye Verb. Able to effortlessly control a crowd with his almost conversational tone during battles, Clips decimates his challengers with a combination of fierce punchlines and bars alike. Making his second trip to Toronto after not being able to battle Hollohan the first time around, Charlie Clips makes his official King of the Dot debut in what was easily one of the best battles from the event.

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