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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Daylyt Goes Off on SM3 Post Math vs Serius Fight

As it was previously reported by me, Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes in my blog recapping the events that transpired at Summer Madness 3, specifically the fight between Math Hoffa vs Serius Jones, that exclusive footage would be releasing covering the Daylyt and Smack altercation outside of the venue. After the event was shut down following the on-stage fight between Hoffa and Serius, everyone was forced to vacate the premises.

Upon stepping back outside onto the street it was hard to miss the large crowds flocking the entire block outside of Stage 48. One in particular was Daylyt and his Blue Cali crew going off in front of a series of cameras about how angry he was that he didn't get to perform for his highly anticipated URL debut vs Swave Sevah. Daylyt was furious as he flew all the way to New York City from California just to perform on Summer Madness but sadly due to the fight that occurred he and Swave were not allowed to step foot on the Summer Madness 3 stage. He barked about how he deserves to be paid for being prepared even if he didn't get to perform, and proceeded to roam the street searching for Smack to get the rest of his money.

We followed Daylyt with our camera rolling and I actually noticed that he was so upset at the time that he walked right passed Smack without seeing him at first. A short while later, he and his Cali crew walked up to Smack and some of his entourage in the middle of the street and a brief, yet very heated shouting match ensued with some grabbing and light shoving. Let it be known that despite what rumors have been floating around Twitter, Smack DID NOT run away from Daylyt and jump in a cab as an escape route, but rather stood in front of Daylyt face-to-face and attempted to talk it out with him however the people around them made the situation more tense than it needed to be.

Smack eventually wound up paying Daylyt his money, and I ran into Swave later that night (September 8th) on 42nd street, and he confirmed that he too was paid accordingly, so Smack certainly remained true to his word when it came down to business. Police cars pulled up to 48th street and 11th avenue and made all of the remaining crowds of fans and Battle Rap personnel disperse from the area. It was then that I, and VladTV cameraman Ellis Flyn, randomly caught up with Daylyt on 47th street between 9th and 10th avenue.

I saw Daylyt making his way from 10th ave to 9th, with his three Cali associates and two women and called out for him to stop walking. Given that he was just coming from a fairly hostile environment, he and his crew turned around defensively and they all questioned who I was as we approached them. I told them that I was "Mike from VladTV" and Daylyt quickly acknowledged us to his boys when he told them, "It's cool, these my people."

He then agreed to do an exclusive interview with us right there on the street, so Ellis got the camera rolling as I questioned Daylyt on his thoughts regarding the unfortunate events that occurred at Summer Madness 3. Daylyt vented on his thoughts about Smack/URL, and how he still wants to battle Swave but possibly on KOTD in the future and on the West Coast is possible. He flashed an envelope that had "Daylyt" written on it which he said was from Smack which confirmed that he did in fact get his money.

It was a truly unfortunate end to the night.

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