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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Police Are On Drugs (Part 1) 11/4/14

Radio legend Troi Torain aka STAR now takes another aggressive step but this time its personal. As a one-time cop supporter STAR says “I can no longer deny the common thread of abuse at the hands of people who are paid to protect and serve us. In the United Kingdom (our mother country) police officers are regarded as citizens in uniform – so what happened to us? Fuck The Police will be a live YouTube show five days a week from 8pm – 10pm with rebroadcast funneled through Torain’s high-traffic ranking platform Shot97.com. In traditional news fashion Torain will talk from a desk presenting collected stories of Police brutality, fielding calls and giving a voice to those in need. As a gatekeeper of the dominant urban culture Torain is still one of the most credible voice and in 2011 he was inducted into News One's "Top 20 Best Black Radio Jockeys Of All Time." Torain made the national stage on MTV (1999) but it was his radio show (Star & Buc Wild) on New York's Hot 97 & Power 105 that secured his place in radio history. Torain's resume also includes The Source magazine, Pulse 87, Hip-Hop Weekly magazine, Vladtv, 100.3 The Beat and Shot97.com.

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